Randal Munroe: What If

Mar 28, 2015

Randal Munroe’s What If has been on top of every chart imaginable and people love it. There’s nothing of substance I can add to that.

I’m not a devout reader of XKCD but enjoy it quite a bit. Pretty much the same goes for the book. I’ve read it in four days because it’s fascinating and funny.

Which questions did I like the most:

  • spent nuclear fuel pool,
  • laser pointers,
  • hair dryer,
  • last light on after a sudden disappearance of humans,
  • elimination of common cold by complete isolation,
  • half empty glass,
  • longest free-fall,
  • lEgO bridge over Atlantic,
  • drainage of oceans - go South Netherlands! - and
  • oceanification of Mars - go New Netherlands!

and of course the worrying questions from the inbox.

Which I didn’t like:

  • time travel to New York - what’s the point?,
  • most flown over state,
  • longest sunset - I totally didn’t get this and
  • neutrino bullets - what do people have about bullets and guns?

If you’re at all curious about the world go and read or listen to it.

Could you survive a tidal wave by submerging yourself in an in-ground pool? Chris Muska

Reaction is charted on chart with axes labeled sounds smart - sounds dumb and actually smart - actually dumb and it’s further than Invading Russia in winter

Randal Munroe: What If