Rob Temple: Very British Problems Abroad

Jun 10, 2016

Trying to choose between accepting another couple’s dinner invitation or swimming the 1,056 miles back to shore.

Being unable to stop saying ‘you call that old?’ as you tour the US.

Rob Temple: Very British Problems Abroad

Very British Problems is a comical Twitter account posting about all the terrible obstacles a normal Brit has to overcome in order to have a cup of tea. It has been published as a book grouping the situations by topics and due to the staggering amount of life complications a second volume came into existence as well. This time Brits leave their homeland and wander around he globe.

Using the rowing machine in the on-board gym and imagining you’re powering the whole ship

Accidentally entering the vodka section of a Russian supermarket and getting lost for six days

Rob Temple: Very British Problems Abroad

Very British Problems Abroad are structured into topical chapters consisting of tweet sized anecdotes. Some are hilarious, some funny, some ok, and some just stupid. In few places the material was turned into a longer format (like he Very British Hotel Handbook) which breaks the monotony of 140-ish character jokes. For my taste, there could be more longer form passages but it’s a fun travel read, nevertheless.

Discovering that a grizzly bear has entered your tent and immediately throwing yourself in front of the biscuits.

Wondering if you’ll ever manage to completely rid your bodily creases of sand

Finding Yourself: Going on holiday for so long that you eventually start enjoying it despite yourself

Rob Temple: Very British Problems Abroad

There isn’t much more to say except: follow the Twitter account for daily dose of British problems and read it on vacation if it crosses your path, if not, don’t worry.