Miroslav Žamboch & Tomáš Bartoš: Turbulentní vesmír

Mar 20, 2016

Turbulentní vesmír was yet another Christmas gift in the form of a thin paperback book with a rather D or E level cover art.. Bartoš’s episode in the JFK series wasn’t my favourite, but it wasn’t bad either, so when he joined forces with a matador like Žamboch, the result could have been interesting.

The story is split into three novelas of roughly the same length. The main hero is an armed spaceship which gains consciousness and spreads havoc in transgalactic wars between corporations. The ship, dubbed The Cowboy, is Žamboch’s typical lone wolf hero, who trusts his instincts and has a strict honor code. Despite being a ship.

The stories run in chronological order and basically describe a linear game scenario where you boost your ship after completing each level, the opponents get tougher and the stakes higher. There’s not much else to it.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this book. I loved Žamboch’s books way back, but his recent works seem weaker to me. My age is probably partly to blame, but there still are new books which I enjoy, e.g. In Nomine Sanguinis. Turbulentní vesmír is competently written for its category, but doesn’t give you more than an easy read for a long trip.